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***My practice is currently full.***

I hold a short waiting list - if you would like to be added to this, get in touch.

I am a BACP registered counsellor based in South Manchester. I offer individual counselling for adults from an established shared practice in Chorlton. I also offer online meetings using Zoom.

Each 50-minute session costs £60, with a limited number of concessionary spaces at £25 available for people on low incomes. (My concessionary spaces are currently full). I offer a 30-minute initial meeting to consider working together and cover any questions you may have, in person or via Zoom, without charge. Get in touch below if you'd like to set up a meeting or if you'd like to discuss any questions by email.

I offer in-person meetings in Chorlton on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday daytimes, and online meetings on Monday evenings and Friday daytimes.

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If you're considering counselling and psychotherapy, it's likely that you're unsatisfied with some aspect of your life. You may have a clear idea of how you would like things to be different but have been unable to make the changes you'd like. Alternatively, it might be hard to see how things could be improved or even to pin down exactly what the problem is.

When we feel trapped or overwhelmed by anxiety or stress, stuck in low mood or depression, or are struggling to keep control of anger or other emotions, it can be difficult to see things clearly and make change happen.

Whether your problem is a recent development or a more long-standing and familiar presence in your life, positive change is possible and counselling can help.

Counselling offers a consistent and confidential space to approach and consider difficult or daunting issues, with the support of someone outside of your personal situation. As well as bringing more clarity to current problems and how things could be different, counselling can strengthen your personal resources and ability to manage difficulties, allowing for greater possibilities in your life.

My intention is to provide an ethical, engaged and committed counselling relationship, in which you can take stock, explore and find the other side of life problems, feeling better equipped for the future.

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Home: About Me


As an integrative therapist, I value many approaches to working with problems to reduce suffering, and this is reflected in my practice. In particular, I am influenced by person-centred, existential, acceptance & commitment therapy, mindfulness and client-directed approaches. In practice, this means that my work with clients is guided by:

A belief that we each have all we need to move beyond our problems and find our right direction, and also that we sometimes need some help in identifying and adjusting obstacles to this.


An appreciation for both the complex individuality of our struggles in life, and for our shared predicament as humans trying to figure out how life is to be lived. Our problems matter and so does what we want out of life - both are important and worthy of interest and attention.

An understanding that the best way of working in counselling is different for everyone. Reflection, discussion and analysis of what is going on for us can bring about change, as can learning and experimenting with new ideas and experiences. Depending on the individual, counselling can involve either or both of these ways of working, or movement between.

Overall, my intention is to meet you where you are and work on what's important to you at the pace that's right for you.

Hopefully all of that gives you an idea as to whether we might be a good fit to work together. Below are some other details of my training, experience and practice. If you have any other questions, or if you'd like to set up a 30-minute meeting to consider working together, get in touch below.

My formal training so far has been in the person-centred and ACT approaches. I continue to study and attend additional trainings to increase my understanding of and ability to be helpful with various issues. These have included OCD/obsessions & compulsions, trauma, and the effects on individuals of high-control or fixed belief system environments and communities.

I have a BSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Professional Practice and am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, abiding by their Ethical Framework. I regularly review and update my practice by working with supervision and attending continuing professional development activities. I aim to offer an inclusive and welcoming practice to all, regardless of ability, culture, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, relationship preferences, religion, or sexuality.


If you have any questions, or if you'd like to arrange a 30-minute first meeting, please complete the enquiry form. Or if you'd prefer, leave a message on 0781 5522787 or email

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